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The Centre Chrétien d'Enseignement du Français (CCEF) is a Christian French language school founded in 1967 by the Rev. Jacques A. Blocher (1909-1986) in connection with the Mission Evangélique des Alpes Françaises, and is drected by an independent board of directors. The CCEF functions as a French language school for Christians who are preparing to serve in French-speaking countries.

The CCEF program directly aims at preparing missionaries to work in a French speaking environment. Therefore, Biblical vocabulary, sermons and songs conducted in French along with specific lectures on French culture and French particularities are included in the curriculum.

CCEF places a high value on family life. We desire that the school enviroment be as simple and pleasant as possible. That's why most of the families live on-campus, close to the classrooms and to the local schools for the children. Moreover, our schedule coincides with the primary school schedule so that parents and their children's schedules can be more easily coordinated.

We are unique!

The CCEF is:

  • Experienced: We have been training missionaries since 1967.
  • Service Oriented: CCEF aims to adapt to the specific needs of people from different backgrounds willing to minister in French-speaking context.
  • A vital link: in the chain of missionary preparation.
  • Offering Biblical and theological vocabulary lectures.
  • A cross point to meet French evangelical leaders.
  • Developing a strong program including sermon and Bible study curriculum.
  • A place to learn the French you will actually use!

Our address :

Centre Chrétien d'Enseignement du Français50 chemin des Galibouds73200 ALBERTVILLE - FRANCE
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