Singles live on campus on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the main building. There is a kitchen and a living room on the 2nd floor for all singles. Some rooms have a bathroom and are larger than others or have a common bathroom. Prices vary depending on room size and ammenities. Make a first and a second choice on the application form. See also the price list. Your desire will be matched as much as possible. Note that it is forbidden to cook in the rooms.

Couples without Children

Couples without children live on campus in two lofts on the 2nd floor of the main building or off-campus in apartments rented by the Center.

Couples with Children

We offer living on-campus, but often times there is not enough housing available so we sometimes rent in town. The prices may be higher than those on-campus. See price list.


We live in a community therefore contributing to the cleaning of the Center and faciliites where we live is an important value for us. Everyone is required to participate to the general cleaning, at the end of the trimesters, we have half-day of « big cleaning » for the school.