Our philosophy

Learning a language is quite different from learning any other matter. The theoretical knowledge of rules and structures will never be enough to "survive", even less work properly. A personal practice and use of these tools is absolutely necessary.

Our Goals

Our Goals allow you to acquire strong practical competence in:

  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression

According to the European Language Reference Guide (ELRG), we train students from the level A0/A1 (beginner) to the level C2 (advanced).

Our Methode

L’apprenant est au centre de l’apprentissage ce qui signifie qu’il devient acteur de son apprentissage. L’apprenant est en situation pour découvrir certains aspects de la langue, les mémoriser et les produire à l’oral et l’écrit.

The student is in the center of the learning process, which means he/she is the author of his/her learning. The student is placed in situations to discover different aspects of the language, memorize them and use them oraly and in written communication.

Teachers don’t see themselves as just knowledge dispensers but rather as organizers of the group and personal learning process.


Your progress is evaluated at the end of each week and each trimester. These evaluations help you as well as your teacher get an idea of where you are and what you need to focus on. The grades in France are on a scaled of 1 to 20. 10/20 means “correct”, 14/20 means “pretty good”, 20/20 is almost never reached as we consider it perfection for the specific level.

To maintaine ideal learning conditions, we use a ratio of a maximum 14 students per teacher (average 10/1).