Carte de la francophonie dans le mondeTHE FRENCH CHALLENGE

French is not limited to just France! French is spoken daily in 54 countries (Source: The Ethnologue, 2004) mainly in Europe, West Africa and Canada and including the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, Pacific Islands and the Caribbean Area.

French is a door wide open to a large network of multicultural and multinational cooperation. It is a rich culture made of old traditions from castles in France to tribal tales of Togo, of modernity from Quebec to Abidjan, of famous writers from Victor Hugo to Mircea Eliade or Léopold Sédar Senghor.

This cooperation implies certain skills that we value a lot:

  • Adaptation: This is a key word for your learning. ADAPTING means being able to come into the culture that speaks the language. The more you become French, the easier you speak French.
  • Openness: what is new or different seems dangerous. Most often, it is an illusion that a real knowledge and a personal involvement will ban.
  • Humility: You often feel like a child when learning a new language. You’re considered as an adult but be ready “to become like a little child” that learns actively and simply.
  • Spirit of Friendship: It allows you to dare meeting others and have fun along the way!