Our Heritage

French is spoken in more than 54 countries, is the 4th most spoken language on the internet and a main international exchange language.

For 3 centuries, missionaries have needed to learn French to make the gospel reachable to millions of people. Rev. Jacques A. Blocher (1909-1984) is the founder of the CEF. He had a vision for spreading the Gospel. He was Billy Graham's translator when he came to France and was also the president of the Mission Biblique, a mission that works in the Ivory Coast and Haiti. He is the founder of the French Speaking Evangelical Missions Federation.

In 1960, he saw the need for missionaries willing to learn French to find a place dedicated for their training and development.

At that time, missionaries were struggling in big cities, having to face expensive lodging, necessary transportation to go to school and difficult family situations.

That is why he founded the AFEB, Association Française d’Enseignement Biblique (French Association for Biblical Teaching), whose usual name is "CCEF".

The school is located in a quiet place, nestled in the lovely French Alps, in a region rich for its history and culture.

Since 1967, we have welcomed more than 2000 students. All of whom have had the opportunity to minister in French around the world.